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At Asset Roofing and Gutters, our mission is to build long-term relationships with our clients and the community by providing both residential and commercial roofing services in Snohomish, WA with the most qualified, long-standing workmanship and service. We work with dedication and integrity and strive for a position of leadership in the roofing industry. We create long-term relationships with our clients by consistently exceeding their expectations, one asset at a time. Find out more by calling 425-382-8644.

1. Do you REPAIR or REPLACE your roof?

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What makes me different from the rest?

After my time in the Marines, I chose the roofing industry, or should I say the roofing industry chose me because it was a way for me to provide for my young growing family. Along the way, I always remember the skills I learned and honed while in the Marines — preparation, fortitude and integrity have helped me shape my family and company.

When making a major purchase is there anything worse than getting overcharged? This is, unfortunately, a widespread practice in the roofing industry. What is initially presented as a small project balloons into the proverbial “can of worms.” For this exact reason, we created Honest Pricing. Whereby we will take the time and effort to fully understand your situation and needs, prepare a professional quote and stand by what we have committed to.

With this approach, we most likely won’t be the cheapest option; however, because of our low overhead we most certainly won’t be the most expensive either. We strive to provide accurate and realistic bids in order to remove the fear of the unknown.

We believe strongly in this simple statement. When we say we will start your roof job on a specific day, that is the day we will start. When we say your roof job will take five days, we will complete the project in five days. We understand and respect that when your roof needs replacing or repair, your life and daily routines are disrupted. Our goal is to get you and your home back up and running as quickly as possible.

Communication is key to a great relationship. We will provide you a daily progress report as to what was accomplished and completed so that there are no questions as to the status of your project. Most of our clients say this is one of their most appreciated services we provide.

We believe that accountability is the foundation for a job done right. We believe in making the right decision in every situation and if we need to present something unexpected we promise to do so immediately and professionally so that a solution can be found, and we can move forward together.

Healthy body + healthy crew + healthy job site = Healthy ROOF. Taking a holistic approach to roofing acknowledges that your roof covers your home and your home is a special place. We don’t take that connection lightly. Roofing is a physical career, and as such our bodies are our most valuable tools.

We take great care and precautions to stay safe and healthy. This includes a smoke-free job site. My crew will be respectful and aware that our job site is your home. A clean job site is so important to us that we have a dedicated team member whose sole responsibility is the cleanliness of the job site. In addition, we clean all job sites at the end of the day and leave the project in an orderly fashion. We believe this level of attention results in a much higher quality of workmanship and translates into a healthier roof for you.

We adhere to the highest level of safety standards and carry the most amount of insurance possible to protect us and our clients from unforeseen accidents. Because our job site is your home, your safety is of our utmost importance. Every safety precaution is taken to keep your home safe while we quickly complete the job at hand.

The Asset Roofing and Gutters Team is founded on the belief each member is active in our mission. We have created an environment and culture of encouragement and promotion. We want everyone on our team to achieve all of their ambitions and we do this by providing our clients the highest level of service over a long period of time.

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More than 15 Years of Experience Roofing in Snohomish County, Redmond, Bellevue & Kirkland

Complete removal and replacement of roof – Edmonds, WA

“I am pleased to recommend you and your team for future hiring as a roofing contractor. You did an exceptional job replacing my roof. You were consistently on time, hard-working, respectful, and focused. When my family needed to make schedule changes, you were generous and accommodating. The quality of your work in addition to your professional conduct indicates that you are highly skilled in your craft and can be trusted to do quality work.”

Cedar shake roof removal with Presidential Composition replacement – Lake Sammamish, WA

“We called Anthony based on a referral and he delivered us a quote almost immediately. He was enjoyable to deal with and knowledgeable about the product and process. His crew was professional, his price was very fair, and was on-site the entire time ensuring quality.”

Total removal, re-sheet and roof replacement -Everett, WA

“I originally reached out to Anthony at Asset Roofing after some inspection findings on a home that my wife and I were already in escrow to close. Needless to say, we were freaking out! Anthony was flexible, responsive, and interactive from start to finish. He connected with my real estate agent and bid the job the very next day; he was even willing to accept payment at close from the seller. We were on a short clock and he delivered a high-quality roof at a fair price just in time for us to get the keys! We couldn’t be happier about our decision to use Asset Roofing!”

Find out more about our roofing services in Snohomish, WA by calling 425-382-8644.

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