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Roof Repair

Did you wake up this morning to a puddle in your living room or shingles in your front yard? Are you concerned that the leak could be creating more damage to your home? If you have an active leak situation click below for your same-day free quote. No one likes to have their life interrupted by a roof leak. Trust me. I know. That’s why I founded Asset Roofing and Gutters, the home of honest pricing. We understand that time is of the essence and we are ready to help you fix a leak at a great price and get your life back to normal. If you need a roof leak repair or other roofing services in Snohomish, WA, give us a call today at 425-382-8951.

Roof Replacement or Upgrade

Are you thinking about upgrading your roof for a future sale? Investing in a new roof is a great way to add value and instantly upgrade your home’s curb appeal. Replacing your roof is also a great way to prepare your home for sale by removing any possible concerns the buyer may have about the roof. The struggle is, how do you get the best value when replacing your roof? That’s why we created The 7 questions you must ask to get the best value on your next roof (click below to download). This guide will make it easy for your to select a roofing contractor who is going to be the best fit for you. For us, it’s very much about the relationship we develop with you throughout the process of replacing your roof.

Quality and professionalism are the foundation of our business. As a husband, father and homeowner, I understand the importance of cost, which is why we created the honest pricing approach to remove all the guesswork and fear from an inaccurate low bid. We are a family-owned, local business and proud of our mission statement & core values. Check them out and let us know what you think when we meet in person.

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Real Estate Brokers

Make sure your clients are protected on the buying and selling side of the transaction when they work with you! And let them know that we wait to get paid at the closing of Escrow!

You are the expert in all things real estate. Let us help you be the authority in roof and attic structure safety as well! Asset Roofing offers packages specifically for Realtors to help ease your client’s mind and worries about the life of the roof on the home they are selling and the home they want to buy.

Buyer’s Package:
Asset Roofing offers packages for Realtors to allow them to provide the finest to all their clients. We also provide Roof and attic inspections for you and your clients at any home they are interested in before they make an offer.

Replacing a roof is a large expense and your clients need to be aware of the health of the roof and attic. This allows them to weigh all financial obligations when picking out their dream home, and you can negotiate at the highest level!

Seller’s Package:
The Asset Roof Certification is a major selling point when listing a home for your clients. We will come out and do a full comprehensive inspection of the roof and attic, and give an honest report for the life of your client’s roof. We provide a Roof Certification so that prospective buyers can rest assured that the home has been taken care of and fully inspected by a credible, certified roofing company.


You have worked hard. Really hard. For years you have saved, been creative and fielded hundreds of calls from renters. Your portfolio of rental properties has grown over the years and you have dedicated time and resources to managing your investments.

Now you can free up some of your time and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Let Asset Roofing and Gutters do an annual or bi-annual roof and gutter cleaning, and perform inspections to make sure your homes look better and last longer. Asset Roofing and Gutters offers a Freedom Roof Plan for landlords that was created specifically for you to remove any worry about the roofs covering your investments.

We have three levels of service plans and all are created to give you the peace of mind and confidence that your hard work and investments are in good hands.

Our professional, licensed and bonded technicians have the experience and know-how to keep your shingle, membrane, or metal roof functioning perfectly.

Property Management

Whether it is an apartment complex, condominiums or an HOA neighborhood we’ve got you covered!

Asset Roofing and Gutters offers annual and bi-annual maintenance programs for property management programs. This allows you to rest easy, knowing the properties you manage will have beautiful and clean roofs, and gutters year around that you can be proud of.

Asset Roofing and Gutters will do an honest full comprehensive roof and gutter inspection on each property after every maintenance appointment to make sure that the health of each property exceeds expectations. A full report of the properties will be provided to keep documentation of the status and well-being of each roof. To find out more about the quality roofing services in Snohomish, WA that we offer, give us a call at 425-382-8951.

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2023 Residential Roofing Buyer's Guide

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll find answers to all the commonly asked questions homeowners have when starting their roof-buying path. 

  • Product Types & descriptions
  • Which material is right for me?
  • Signs your roof needs to be replaced/repaired
  • How to pick a contractor
  • And much more!
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