Metal roofing stands up against all types of weather.

Metal roofing is ideal for steep or low slopes. It offers long-lasting durability and strength at an exceptionally light weight. It’s a resilient, stylish, and cost-effective solution.

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Metal roofing boasts many major benefits and features. If you’re in search of durability or style, our metal roofing solutions will ensure that your home stands strong against the many elements of the Pacific Northwest and looks great doing so.

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The very first metal roof was developed in France in 1837. At the time, it was revolutionary for its ability to withstand rust, due to its innovative use of galvanized zinc.

Nearly 200 years later, metal roofing has continued to prove itself as one of the most innovative and powerful roofing materials. While the term “metal roofing” encompasses a wide variety of types of metal materials and styles, they all share the common attributes of being lightweight, strong, and exceptionally long-lasting.

At Asset Roofing, we have metal roofing solutions that are uniquely tailored to a variety of customer needs. Our standing seam metal panels come in a wide range of different colors and finishes that can be well-suited to your home’s age, style, and climate concerns. Metal roofs can be that factor that just brings a Pacific Northwest home to life!

Metal roofing is the ideal solution for structures that need to prioritize low maintenance and long-lasting craftsmanship. The innate attributes of metal make a home or a building weather-ready all year round. Beyond these benefits, metal roofing is often the best roofing solution for anybody seeking to install a solar configuration on their roof in the future.

Asset Roofing Company has an extensive background in offering homeowners superior quality metal roofing solutions for their property. The long-lasting protection of metal roofs allow resilience in even the most inclement weather conditions — heavy rains, hail, snowfall, or even high winds are unable to penetrate the steadfast durability of a metal roof.

Metal roofs are even able to offer protection for homes in the event of devastating forest or brush fires, which is something that cannot be achieved by an asphalt or cedar roof. The secret to their significant durability lies within the strong materials used in their development. Materials such as zinc, copper and steel alloys enable metal roofing to withstand corrosion or other physical damage (like fallen tree limbs or hail).

The shape of the metal structures also make the roof more capable of redirecting rainwater, significantly decreasing the likelihood of moisture making its way into the attic and causing rapid, extensive damage to the home’s interior. Metal is also ideal for regulating your home’s temperature during all seasons, as metal materials naturally insulate your home’s heat during cold winter months and cool air during the hot summer months — this results in significant energy savings year-round.

Installing a metal roof is a simple and straightforward process. Our team of professional roofing technicians will assemble an array of pre-made metal panels that are measured specifically for your home’s roofing needs. Asset Roofing Company has an enormous selection of pre-made colors and finishes — you’re sure to find one that best fits the style, budget, and needs of your home. With routine maintenance, a metal roof outlasts most other materials and continues to protect your home for decades to come!

With all of the significant advantages of a metal roof, it isn’t a surprise that it costs slightly more than other materials upfront. However, the superior protection and long lifespan of the metal material lead to deep savings on maintenance, energy, and repair costs down the road. Asset Roofing Company also offers metal roofing solutions at a price highly competitive in our industry, so you can be sure you’re getting superior quality metal at affordable pricing.

Outfitted with a metal roof installed by our team of talented roofing technicians, your home will stand up against the toughest storm for years to come (and look great doing so).

Supplier Info

Asset Roofing Company is determined to offer customers industry-leading quality metal products at superior prices. As part of this initiative, we have developed the ability to produce our metal panels in-house. 

To do this, we purchase our raw metal coils from Cascadia Metals prior to producing our metal panels. Cascadia offers extraordinarily high-quality metal coils that are ideal for fabricating metal panels that are fit to withstand the toughest Pacific Northwest conditions.

Customers often admire the luster and shape of the metal panels, as their appearance is a direct reflection of the high-quality material and craftsmanship that goes into producing them.

Features & Benefits

Increase Resale Value

2-3x Greater Lifespan

Custom Panels Made In-house

Exceptionally Low Maintenance

Eco-Friendly Materials

Competitive Pricing

Broad Choice of Color & Finish

Rated for Toughest Weather

What Are My Options?

When choosing a metal roof, you have access to a wide range of options for shape, style, color, finish, and metal material. Asset Roofing Company can accommodate any configuration that’s ideal for your home’s unique needs. Ask one of our roofing experts for a full breakdown of the options available for your metal roof.

1750 Series

26 Gauge

24 Gauge

22 Gauge

Frequently Asked Questions

A metal roof is often slightly more expensive than a roof made of asphalt or composite material. But although the initial cost may seem higher than other roofing materials, it’s actually quite comparable in price to other premium home products like cedar shake or tile. There can also be other variables that can lead to a metal roof being more cost-efficient, such as having an existing slate on your roof. Upfront cost of a metal roof is often paid for quickly into its lifespan due to being virtually maintenance free. Even the best composite roofs can experience trouble when a heavy wind blows limbs off a nearby tree — nothing stands up quite as tough as a metal roof. Plus, bundled with warranties ranging from 30 to 50 years, you can enjoy maximum longevity and energy savings along with the peace of mind and improved resale value that comes with a metal roof.

It’s a common misconception that a metal roof looks like an outlier compared to other neighboring homes, or doesn’t suit the style of older homes. Aesthetics are key when it comes to resale value and your enjoyment of your home. With modern innovation in metal manufacturing, metal roofing actually blends in seamlessly in comparison with other materials like shingle, cedar shake, clay tile, or slate roofing. Our metal panels are manufactured with aesthetics in mind, offering our customers a wide variety of styles and colors that are sure to suit the style of your home and not stick out like a sore thumb in your neighborhood. We offer options ranging from rustic weathered steel, modern black metal, classic redwood shake, or even traditional terracotta tile. There’s no shortage of options at your disposal for a roofing style that perfectly combines with your architectural style. Metal roofing is every bit as strong as it is stylish, too — so if you’re looking for a strong and reliable roof that makes no compromise on style or aesthetics, look no further than a metal roofing solution.

Metal roofing outlasts any other type of roofing material by a healthy margin. In general, you can expect a metal roof to last for at least two to three times longer than a regular asphalt or wood shingle roof. On average, a metal roof endures even the toughest conditions for 30 to 50+ years, usually only requiring an intermediate repainting rather than an all-out replacement.

By contrast, an asphalt roof will usually withstand 12 to 20 years, depending on the pitch and the climate conditions. So while an asphalt roof may seem cheaper upfront, a metal roof may last nearly four times as long under certain conditions. Asphalt roofs as well as wood shingle or shake roofs usually need replacement much sooner due to weather-induced issues like warping, cracking, fading, or even a rogue tree limb piercing the roof.

Metal rooftops’ longevity is one of the reasons why they’re such a popular choice for homeowners looking to only make a roofing replacement and enjoy peace of mind. If protection from the elements is a need for your property, you’ll enjoy benefits in every possible way when investing in a metal roof.

There is no roofing material that tolerates extreme weather better than a metal roof. Their durable construction enables them to withstand high winds, heavy snowfall, hailstorms, and even wildfires.

Metal roofs are generally rated with a 140-mph wind rating, which is a Category 4 hurricane. It’s unlikely you’d ever even see such conditions in the PNW, but you can be sure your metal roof would still be intact.

Metal roofing systems offer wind resistance that’s above most normal building requirements, and offer superior protection from snowfall as well. A metal roofing system will shed snow quickly, allowing the structural integrity of the home to be preserved. This is particularly handy when large amounts of snow begin to accumulate rather quickly.

Even wildfires and embers are no match for a metal roof. If you’ve ever been worried about rogue fireworks landing on your roof causing a spontaneous spark, you wouldn’t have to think twice about it with a metal roof. If you live in a fire prone area, you will have added peace of mind knowing that your roof will offer your home some added protection in the event of disaster.

Mother Nature throws many curve balls, but there are none that can fully take down the sturdy structure of a metal roof.

Metal roofing absolutely is one of the most environmentally responsible roofing materials available. Often made with recycled steel, it can have a recycled content of up to 28%, which makes it more green and sustainable than comparable roofing products. Installing it over top of an existing asphalt or shingle roof also prevents significant amounts of waste that would otherwise be dumped into a landfill.

Metal roofing also allows a home to be more energy efficient, by better regulating temperatures in all seasons. The nature of metal is to insulate air, which makes for less energy usage in cooling or heating your home.

When a metal roof reaches the end of its lifespan, it’s also 100% recyclable. Not a single piece goes into the landfill; all can be repurposed. So as an added bonus, choosing a metal roof ensures that you’ve made a responsible choice for both your home and the environment at large.

Despite what you may expect, a metal roof is actually lighter than many other types of roofs. Its lightweight engineered structure makes it 50% lighter than asphalt shingle roofing and 75% lighter than even some of the heaviest roofing materials out there. If you need a lightweight, durable roof without adding any significant weight load to your property, metal roofing might be the perfect choice! Even detached garages and porches are able to handle much heavier materials such as concrete or wood beams; so even if you choose a thicker metal roof profile, it’s unlikely that it would be too heavy for your structure or cause latent issues. The lightweight nature of metal roofs also makes them easier to install, which puts less strain on your smaller structures without compromising integrity.

Metal roofs are ideal foundations for a solar installation. They’re highly compatible with solar panels and favored by roofing contractors and solar installation experts alike.

The reason lies within metal roofs being able to easily support the weight of a dollar array, which includes panels, mounting brackets, and any other necessary hardware.

If you are considering a solar installation, be aware that not every solar team has as much experience when installing on a metal roof — this is primarily due to asphalt shingles still being so widespread in many areas; something that will naturally change over time.

Ask Asset Roofing Company for recommendations on solar installation, as we partner with local teams to provide exceptional solar roofing arrays that complement your roof’s design and lower your energy bills!

It’s possible to walk on a metal roof, but not encouraged in most cases. Metal roofing can be walked on and handle the weight but not knowing what you’re doing can lead to inherent safety risks that may result in serious injuries.

With that in mind, if you absolutely need to walk around on your roof and inspect, here are a few safety guidelines to keep in mind.

  1. Work with another person who can keep their eyes out.
    The buddy system will be your friend here — having another individual around ensures that you will be able to avoid potential hazards when walking around on your roof.
  2. Wear soft, rubber-soled shoes
    When walking around on a metal roof, rubber soles provide better traction for your feet and protect them against hard surfaces. Don’t wear shoes with smaller treads or smooth, worn-down soles; they will naturally slide against the metal roof and increase risk of slipping and falling.
  3. Wait for an overcast day
    If you can, wait for a day without any direct sunlight or rain hitting your metal roof. Doing so will make it much easier to maneuver on the surface of the roof without risk of sliding or getting too hot from sun exposure.
  4. Use Fall Protection
    The biggest risk of walking on a metal roof is falling. If you plan to be walking around up on top of your home, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Invest in some fall protection equipment like a harness or a lanyard. You’ll be grateful for these should you ever need them during a repair or inspecting damage up close.
  5. Walk Slowly & Steer Clear of Ribs & Laps
    Be deliberate and precise about movement on your metal roof. Walk slowly and be cautious to not step directly on any laps or ribs – despite the strength of metal, direct pressure in the wrong spot can cause bending or damage to your roof.

Our team at Asset Roofing can best advise you on how to walk around on your roof. If you’re brand new to metal roofing, be sure that you’re informed before you get up there to size things up — safety first!

Tying it all together, a metal roofing solution is ideal in countless roofing replacement situations. The vast amount of benefits easily justify the comparatively higher cost over other roofing materials, and there is just something beautiful about a well-assembled metal roof.

If you’re ready to enjoy low to no maintenance, maximum durability, and enviable architectural style for your home, get in touch with one of our roofing specialists at Asset Roofing today.

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