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Tired of scheduling endless repairs that drain your bank account? Get durability and affordability with quality metal roof repairs and installations from Seattle’s best contractor. Get a quote today, free of charge.

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The Dynamic Benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roof

Seattle’s unpredictable weather requires adequate protection against the elements. While metal roofs cost significantly higher than asphalt and cedar, you can be confident that your assets are protected within your lifetime and the next owner’s.

Some benefits of getting a metal roofing installation or replacement in Seattle include:

  • Durable: Withstands wind gusts up to 140 mph, won’t rust or break, and is impact-resistant. They require minimal maintenance, but regular inspections should be scheduled to ensure everything is up to code.
  • Long-lasting: Properly maintained metal roofs could last 40 to 70 years compared to traditional asphalt roofing, with only a 12 to 20-year lifespan.
  • Guaranteed Safety: Fire retardant properties ensure that your metal roof will not ignite during a wildfire or lightning strike.
  • Energy Efficient: Bounces off UV and infrared light, which generates radiant heat on the roof’s surface. This results in a 10-25% reduction in cooling expenses.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Made of sustainable materials and can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.

Spending too much on repairs?

Upgrade today, and reduce overhead costs in the long run. Request an estimate to get started.

Metal Roofing Services We Provide

We offer a suite of metal roofing services to ensure you get the most out of your investment. 

Roof Repair and Maintenance

From broken shingles to leaky roofs, we employ top products and procedures to provide a permanent remedy for roofing issues.

Roof Installation

Replace your worn-out roof with attractive, energy-efficient asphalt shingles. During installation, we take steps to protect your property.

Emergency Repairs

Our metal roofing services are available 24/7 to respond to emergency repairs. We’ll be there as soon as you call. 

Leak Repair

Don’t let a minor leak become a full-blown problem. Our crew performs quick fixes that do not require replacements. 

Moss Treatment

Using non-toxic cleaning products, we eliminate moss for good, even in difficult-to-reach areas. 

Insurance Claim Assistance

Rest easy knowing that your assets are protected. We help file claims, ensuring you are adequately compensated.

Why We’re Seattle’s Go-To Metal Roofing Contractor

Asset Roofing Company, founded by a former US Marine, exhibits the same virtues expected of a veteran: preparedness, tenacity, and honesty. From minor shingle replacements to water damage, our team is always well-prepared and equipped to respond to any adversary. 

We are BBB-accredited and a member of the International Roofers Association and the Washington State Roofers Association. For over 15 years, we’ve built long-term partnerships with clients by providing the following solutions:

  • Transparent pricing
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Minimal delays
  • Professional crew
  • Post-project cleanup
  • Quick, stress-free projects
  • Asset protection

Ready to Upgrade?

Schedule a free site inspection. Our crew will assess your property, recommend the best course of action, and provide you with a quote. We’ll complete your project quickly, causing menial disruptions to your business or everyday routine.

Call us at 425-382-8951 to book an assessment with Seattle’s best metal roofers or visit our Contact page.

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