common causes of roof damage in pnw

Common Causes of Roof Damage in the Pacific Northwest

Moist air and occasional rain in the Pacific Northwest are major causes of roofing issues. Moist air can cause decay and algae growth, weakening your roofing system. 

In this article, we discuss common roofing issues in the Pacific Northwest.

How Salty Air Can Cause Damage

Many home construction components, along with a few roofing materials, can be harmed by salty air. Adding a slate or clay roof can shield your roof from sea air because these materials are significantly more resistant to salt’s damaging effects.
However, you might need to modify your home before installing a clay or slate roof if it was not originally constructed to accommodate the weight of such a roof.
Galvanized steel or metal roof is a lighter, and the best option. The zinc covering on the exterior of the galvanized steel aids in preventing rust on the roof.

To keep the roof safe, a roofing contractor must repair the coating every 20 years. Your metal roof usually lasts up to 60-70 years with adequate care.

Moist Roofs Are At Risk

Frequent exposure to moisture can make your roof more vulnerable to rot and leaks. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to keep moisture off your roof:

  • Regularly check your attic for indications of water damage
  • Check for issues like sagging timbers and broken or missing shingles
  • Have a roofing expert conduct routine roof inspections
  • Address and resolve leaks as quickly as possible

Every few years, have a qualified roofing expert inspect your roof and offer advice for repairs as necessary.

Algae Development Is Bad News

Algae frequently grow in damp, muddy environments and locations with little to no direct sunshine. Algae development is mostly an aesthetic issue, but since the stains are so noticeable, they can have an unsightly effect on your home’s curb appeal.

By trimming the branches and permitting as much sunshine to reach the roof as possible, you can stop algae from blooming on your house. Airflow surrounding the house is improved by pruning back trees, which can help avoid algae growth on the roof.

You should get your roof cleaned regularly to prevent algae from forming. Use a mixture of half water and half chlorine bleach to clean your roof. Use a power washer to get rid of the algae and maintain the roof clean.

Contact a roofing expert if you’re not confident using a pressure washer on your roof or if you can’t safely reach your roof.

Hire a Top-Rated Roofing Company

If you are a homeowner in the Pacific Northwest, ensure your roof is properly maintained by working with a reliable local roofing company. In this challenging climate, a reputable roofing company can assist you in keeping your roof fully functional.

Contact Asset Roofing Company or call 425-551-7663 if you want more information about roof maintenance or replacement We’d love to provide you with more details on safeguarding your roof.

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