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Benefits of Metal Roofing: Top 4 Examples

Before, only commercial-type establishments used metal roofs. But today, it has found its way onto many residential properties. Since more and more homeowners are discovering the perks of metal roofs, the global market size has increased with a CAGR rate of 11.53%, amassing a total of $14,862.78 million for 2021.

So, it is no wonder that metal is one of the most sought-after roofing materials in the U.S. for a good reason. They last over 40 years and require little maintenance, making them the prime choice for many American homeowners.

Before you decide whether you should contact a Snohomish roofing contractor and get a metal roof, we give you the top reasons that make metal roofs a sought-after option.

Metal Roofs Are Long-Lasting

Durability is the most attractive trait of metal roofing material. A metal roof’s average lifespan is between 40 and 70 years, and it can better withstand heavy rains and snow than asphalt roofing.

Depending on the type of metal you choose for your roof, from zink, aluminum, copper, etc., you can expect to see your roof last for even a century. Most of these highly-durable roofings are made from exclusive, top-notch copper shingles and field-locked standing seams that many favor as a high-end roofing option.

Metal Roofs Are Lightweight

Contemporary roofing materials are lightweight. At one to three lbs per square foot, it’s even lighter than asphalt shingles, which weigh two to 3.5 lbs per square foot.

The lightweights of metal roofing materials make the installation process much easier and streamlined. Plus, you’ll save a couple of hundred bucks on engineering and putting up supporting constructions.

Metal Roofs Offer Maximum Snow and Rain Dispersion

Getting a metal roof can be highly beneficial if you live in a snowy or rainy area. Draining rain and shoveling snow off is not easy if you have a traditional roof, but the story is different with a metal one.

Because the surface of the metal sheet is pretty sturdy and slippery, it makes it nearly impossible for snow and rain to stay on the roof. What’s more, if you choose dark-toned metal sheets as shingles or even a metal roof that’s been PVDF coated, you’ll see even more benefits. The reason behind the statement is that dark tones attract sunlight, speeding up the process of melting snow.

Metal Roofs Keep Moss and Fungus Away

When it comes to metal roof shingles, you won’t have to worry about discovering mildew, moss, or fungi on your roof. As opposed to asphalt or wood roofs, which are prone to developing mold, metal roofs keep the roof fungi- and moss-free. Plus, the sturdiness of the metal makes it hard for different pests to break their way into your attic.

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