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Why Roof Ventilation Is Important for Your Home

Roof ventilation is vital for a properly functioning roofing system.
Roof ventilation is vital for a properly functioning roofing system.

If you read our previous article you would have discovered how roof ventilation works, and how to properly vent a roof. Now let us have a look at the benefits of roof ventilation.

Here are three benefits of roof ventilation.

1. Reduces indoor temperature extremes

Have you ever felt it was at least ten degrees warmer upstairs than it was in your living room? People that live in ranch-style homes may also find that their feet are as cold as the ice even though the air doesn’t feel cool.

Improperly ventilated roofs are mostly the cause of these indoor temperature extremes. Your home will be more comfortable all year round once your roof is adequately ventilated to allow the hot air to exit and the cold air to enter the attic space.

2. Reduces energy costs

When the outside temperature increases, we all like to stay inside and keep cool. If a roof is properly vented it allows heat to escape and this reduces your air conditioner’s workload. The result is a lower electric bill because your air conditioner is running less.

3. Extends the life of your roof

Have you ever noticed how icicles build up on the edges of roofs and gutters? This buildup of ice is referred to as ice damming. The problem is that you can see the icicles, but you can’t see how they are damaging the edge of the roof.

When heat from your attic and heat from the sun combine, they melt the snow and ice on your roof. The result is the water runs to the edge of the roof and refreezes. Once the water and ice accumulate at the edge of the roof it begins to creep underneath the roofing material, resulting in damage to the whole roofing system, as well as the attic and even the inside walls of your home.

Before the warm air has a chance to melt the snow and ice on your roof it is released through proper ventilation.

Good ventilation allows the warm air to escape giving it no chance to melt the snow and ice on your roof. It is easy to see a well-ventilated roof in the winter months, because although there is still snow on the roof there are no icicles to be seen.

Let Asset Roofing in Snohomish install the proper roof ventilation for you, and you will soon be reaping the benefits of a well-ventilated roof for years to come.