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What is the Life Expectancy of a Gutter System?

How long can you expect your gutters to last? That depends on what they’re made of.
How long can you expect your gutters to last? That depends on what they’re made of.

Keeping your gutters in tip top condition and working well is vital to the wellbeing of your home. If maintained properly, gutters can last a very long time.  According to the National Association of Home Builders it has been found that gutters made of copper have a life expectancy of more than 50 years, and those made of aluminum last for 20 years. 

The life expectancy, in years, of the various types of gutters are: 

  • Copper 50+
  • Aluminum 20
  • Galvanized Steel 20
  • Vinyl 25+

And downspouts:

  • Copper 100
  • Aluminum 30

Traditional Gutters

If you are looking for gutters for a DIY job these seamed gutters are the best. They are pre-manufactured from steel and, if regularly cleaned and maintained, can be expected to last about 20 years. They do tend to rust because they are galvanized and will need to be painted after being installed. Of course, if you want to ensure a good visual appeal the paint will need to be maintained. 

Seamless Gutters

With a life expectancy of approximately 20+ years, seamless gutters are specifically designed for your home. Because, as the name suggests, they are seamless, debris does not build up easily around the welded areas. The traditional systems have breaks and expansion joints at regular intervals, but seamless gutters don’t, which means leaks and wear downs are less common. They can be hung more securely, and less maintenance is required with no large clean-up costs.

Bear in mind that no matter what material you choose, damage from ladders and “Acts of God” will certainly reduce any life expectancy of your gutters.

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