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Roofing Problems in Snohomish, Washington

Snohomish is a great place to live, but it presents some challenges to your roof.
Snohomish is a great place to live, but it presents some challenges to your roof.

The roof is a vital part on any home, providing you with protection from the elements and harsh weather conditions. This is the reason why it is critical to keep your roof in good condition ensuring your home always stays in the best shape. It is advisable to have any roof problem repaired as soon possible. Leaving the repairs for later may only result in a much worse situation, which could prove to be more expensive in the long run.

Here are some of the more common roofing problems that we find in Snohomish.

Roof Leaks

Possibly the most common problem facing homeowners are leaks which can occur with any type of roofing material available. It is important that you have these leaks repaired as soon as possible, before you find yourself with another water damage problem. You need to find out exactly what is causing the leak. It could be the result of flashing damage, joint damage or weather damage.

  • Flashing damage. Flashing is used to provide leak protection around pipes, a vent or a chimney that come up through the roof. Over time the flashing may weaken allowing rain to get underneath the shingles.
  • Damaged joints. Joints are located between two sloping sections of the roof or the chimney and the roof, and they are highly likely to develop a roof leak.
  • Weather damage. Roof damage as a result of the weather is something that you are unable to control. When your home is hit by a storm your roof is first to get damaged and, over time, small areas of weather damage develop into serious problems and serious problems mean serious money.

Overhanging branches

Overhanging tree branches cause serious problems, not only when they rub on your roof loosening the shingles but also if the branches break off the tree during high winds.

Ice and snow

When snow and ice melt the water finds its way under the shingles and flashing, only to cause them to lift up when the water refreezes allowing even more water in.

Broken or clogged gutters

Water can back up and seep into the eaves of your roof if the gutters are broken and clogged causing your roof to start rotting. Be sure to have your gutters checked regularly to remove all debris.

What to do if you have roof damage

If a storm damages your roof, you need to make sure you are able to get immediate help to prevent the rain from seriously damaging the interior of your home. Unfortunately it may be difficult to contact a roofing company immediately because they are already dealing with other roof problems.

The best thing you can do is hire a local roofing expert to check your roof before the storms arrive. This will ensure that your roofing company is able to come to your rescue as soon as possible when you have an emergency.

One of the ways to guarantee that you roof will always be in good condition is to hire the right roofing contractor in your area for regular roofing maintenance. We, at Asset Roofing in Snohomish, are able to help you identify and repair any roofing problems before they become major. So give us a call today.