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Can I Roof My House in the Winter?

It is possible to replace your roof in winter – let Asset Roofing show you how.
It is possible to replace your roof in winter – let Asset Roofing show you how.

Now that winter is upon us, you may be noticing some problems with the roof on your house. There could be ceiling leaks or missing shingles making you realize that it might be time to replace that roof.

The question is “Can I roof or reroof in the winter?” This is a question we get asked every year by Snohomish homeowners. The answer is YES YOU CAN provided the correct technique is used throughout the installation to ensure that your roof is in peak condition all year round.

You can trust a professional roofing contractor to use the best installation techniques for a winter roof.

Although a handful of problems may occur with a winter roof installation it is still an acceptable time of the year to replace your roof. As an added bonus, the best deals are often available as the roofing business slows down in winter.

What is the best temperature to install a roof?

Asphalt roof shingles should ideally be installed at temperatures between 40 degrees and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Installing at the wrong temperature can cause breakages and even the best quality asphalt shingles can crack when being installed under 40 degrees. Another problem that may arise if the temperature drops below 40 degrees is that some self-adhesive shingles do not stick very well. Try to keep the shingles warm before installation by storing them in a heated garage or warehouse.

Despite these drawbacks winter is still a good time for a new roof, but your roofing contractor will probably want to wait until the temperature is right before starting the job.

Making sure the shingles are properly sealed

Generally, shingles bond to the roof using sunlight. It can take as much as two weeks for the shingles to stick completely.

In winter when sunlight is a bit scarce a different technique is used. A professional roofing contractor may decide to hand seal the shingles with an approved adhesive or roofing cement provided by the manufacturer. Extra care must be taken in the most susceptible areas for wind blowing shingles off the roof especially the eaves. Care must be taken to ensure that each shingle has the correct amount of sealant for the best results.

Don’t wait to repair winter roof problems

Don’t delay having the repairs done because you are unsure of a winter project. Letting the roofing problem get worse can cause serious issues to your home if not resolved quickly. Be sure to take care of the roof. Remember it is the protective shield over your home.

For a professional winter roof installation or any questions that you may have about your roof, please give Asset Roofing a call today.