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Moss on the Roof?

You CAN get rid of moss on the roof.
You CAN get rid of moss on the roof.

Moss growing on roofs can make your home look unattractive as well as causing problems for your roof. It’s a common problem in our area, and many Snohomish homes experience it. So how does moss grow on roofs and why is it vital that we remove it and prevent more moss from growing?

Why Moss Thrives on Roofs

Moss loves areas that are damp and shady, which is why you will notice that the areas of your roof that have shade are inclined to have more moss than other areas. The warmth from your home also encourages moss to grow.

Potential Damage

The reason why moss is bad for your roof is because of the way it grows underneath your shingles exposing the roof structure to the weather. When shingles are undermined by moss water is able to leak through onto the roof structure, possibly causing rotten timber or allowing mold to grow. A further problem is that the shingles are more likely to be blown off by high winds.

Removal of Moss

You can mix a chemical solution using some every day items found in your home. Alternatively, there are products available at the local hardware store that can remove moss. We have found that the following homemade solutions work.

  1. 2 cups of Chlorine mixed with 2 gallons of water


  1. 8 ounces of Dish Soap mixed with 2 gallons of water

Spray down the moss-covered area with water before applying the solution. using a large spray bottle. Allow the solution to get to work on the moss for an hour and then gently scrub away the moss and wash off the roof with water. Be careful not to use a power washer as it can take off shingles requiring replacing with new shingles.

Prevention of future growth

To prevent moss continuing to grow on your roof, remove or trim the trees that are providing the shady areas. The increased light on your roof should then decrease the presence of moss.

We at Asset Roofing in Snohomish are able to provide our customers with recommendations on the best way to manage moss on the roof. If your roof is in need of some roofing upgrades, give Asset Roofing a call today.