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Leaking Skylight? Try These Tips

A leaking skylight might be an easy fix, or you may need a professional.
A leaking skylight might be an easy fix, or you may need a professional.

A leaking skylight when the rains come can cause serious damage, not only to your roof and ceiling, but also to the structure of your home and your belongings. If you have a leaking skylight when it rains, your skylight may not have been installed correctly. Damage to your skylight or a faulty seal between the roof flashing and the roof may have you running around with buckets to catch the water dripping inside your home.

Find the Leak

The leak needs to be located so it can be repaired. Determine where the leak is coming from by tracing the water source and looking for holes and gaps. Check the following:

  • Roof and roof flashing
  • Metal flashing around the skylight frame
  • Skylight lens

Repairing a Leaking Skylight

  1. Remove any dirt and debris from your skylight by lifting up the roof shingles and cleaning out any debris build-up.
  2. Check if it is condensation on your skylight, or if it’s actually leaking. If a skylight is located in a room that regularly has condensation, such as a bathroom, kitchen or greenhouse, the humidity can cause moisture build-up on your skylight which will then drip. Condensation can be mistaken for a leak and it is an indication of poor ventilation.
  3. Check that the flashing around your skylight was installed properly.

If, after trying steps 1 – 3, you are still not sure where your skylight is leaking, lightly run some water from a garden hose across the skylight.

If it is still leaking and you are unable to find any gaps or holes, it may possibly be an unrelated roof leak next to the skylight. This is the time to call a Snohomish skylight contractor to properly identify the leak and fix it.

  1. If you find a gap or hole in your skylight then use a silicone caulking gun to fill them between the roof flashing. Also check between the skylight glass and the frame and seal any leaking gaps you may find with the silicon caulking gun.

Follow these tips on fixing a leaking skylight and, if you are unsure what the next steps are with your faulty skylight, it is best to call a skylight contractor to fix the issue. The professionals at Asset Roofing will be happy to help out with your skylight repairs. Just give us a call for quality service.