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How to Compare Roofing Estimates

A roofing estimate can be confusing. Here are some tips to help you figure out which estimate to go with.
A roofing estimate can be confusing. Here are some tips to help you figure out which estimate to go with.

If you have lived in your Snohomish area house for several years you will probably need to have roof repairs or possibly a roof replacement at some time. When that happens, wise homeowners will most likely obtain roofing quotes from several companies. 

Once you have received those roof estimates you need to compare them and decide which one will be best for you. A word of caution! If your choice is based purely on the bottom-line price, you may not have taken all the crucial aspects into consideration such as the material that will be used, and exactly how the roofers will go about the job.

This guide will help you understand and compare roof repair and roof replacement estimates. 

The Five Components of Roofing Systems

To clearly and completely understand roof estimates, you need to know that there are five components to a roof system.

  1. Plywood 
    • called the deck.
  2. Underlayment
    • ice and water shield 
    • shingle underlayment.
  3. Flashings
    • chimney flashing
    • step flashing
    • pipe or other penetration flashings.
  4. Ventilation
  5. Shingles

If a homeowner knows the five components, he is better able to assess what is said about the materials in the roof estimate.

Roof Estimates

A trustworthy roof estimate should include:


What type, brand and quantities of materials will be used for each roofing system component. This is necessary so you don’t get charged for excess materials the job actually didn’t require.


The warranties for all materials and separate warranties for workmanship should be specified. Be aware that improper installation can void the material warranties.


To safeguard against improper installation, make sure the roofing company is certified to work with the materials it’s intending to install.


If there is an accident without the correct insurance in place the homeowner can be found liable. Before you sign a contract with a roofing company make sure all necessary insurance is in effect.

How will your property be looked after?

The roof estimate should include how your home will be protected by the roofing crew as well as the clean up once the job is done. 


Any of the following should tell you that you are taking a chance hiring the roofing company that provided that estimate.

  • Vague roof estimates. The estimate should specify every point, materials, warranties, workmen, certifications, insurance, etc.
  • Verbal roof estimates. Estimates should always be in writing.
  • Roof estimate without an inspection. An estimate cannot be accurate without first doing a thorough inspection.
  • Rock bottom priced roof estimates. A price very much lower than any other estimates could be an indication that the roofing company intends cutting corners somewhere.

At Asset Roofing we are proud that our roof estimates are of the highest standards, as is our work itself. We would like to invite you to give us a call if you are collecting roofing estimates, or perhaps need to ask questions about roofing.