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How to Avoid Damaging Your Roof with Christmas Decorations

We love those beautiful Christmas lights, but don’t damage your roof in the process!
We love those beautiful Christmas lights, but don’t damage your roof in the process!

One of the ways of getting into the holiday spirit is by decorating your roof with lights. We love the colorful lights we see throughout Snohomish and Puget Sound. The thing is, that while those lights and decorations may look great, you really don’t want them to cause damage to your roof. This is why we, at Asset Roofing, have put together some tips to help you avoid damaging your roof with Christmas decorations.

Stay Away from Staples

Firstly, you want to avoid the staples altogether. Every staple you put into a shingle makes holes and gaps in the seals, allowing moisture to seep in and mold and mildew to grow. Besides, air transfer occurs through these holes and gaps and this leads to increased heating bills.

Use plastic clips and ties instead of staples to secure Christmas lights on the edges of your roof. You may find it difficult to secure some holiday displays, such as blow-ups, but it would be better to go without them rather than risk damaging your roof.

Keep it Light

Be careful to not add too much weight to the roof and keep your mind on how heavy your displays and decorations are. Just remember to calculate total weight. If you put too much weight on your roof, the shingles, supports and other structures will begin to stress.

What about the available area on your lawn? If you are starting to have doubts about your roof supporting the displays, or you’re wondering if decorating your roof is wise, how about decorating the lawn instead. It will certainly be a lot easier and much safer with very little risk to your home’s structure. If you have any questions about the do’s and don’ts of holiday season decorating, give us a call at Asset Roofing. We will help you tackle Christmas decorating the best way, so you can avoid damaging your roof.