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Home Exterior Siding Questions Answered

Repair? Replace? Materials? Insurance? So many questions about home exterior siding! Asset Roofing has the answers.
Repair? Replace? Materials? Insurance? So many questions about home exterior siding! Asset Roofing has the answers.

If you are thinking about replacing your exterior siding on your Snohomish County home, here are some answers to your questions. To help you make an informed decision about the need for replacement, our experts at Asset Roofing have some advice to offer you.

Q: Do I really need new siding?

A: Repairing your existing siding is really worth considering, particularly if you only have minor weather damage or simple cracks. Replacing may be a bit excessive. However, if you have water finding its way into cracks causing more damage and rot, then your best option is definitely replacement.

Q: If I think I need new siding, when is the best time to replace?

A: When you are ready to replace your siding you need to keep in mind that weather is an important factor in getting the job done correctly. It is best to try and avoid extreme heat or cold temperatures, and during spring showers you could have moisture issues. So days of moderate weather are best, particularly in the fall when temperature and weather conditions generally work well.  

Q: Are my siding replacement costs covered by insurance?

A: You should always consider insurance before replacing your house siding, particularly if there are cracks or damage in the siding. Insurance will often cover the cost to replace or repair if there is storm damage.

Q: Can I install the siding myself or should I hire a professional?

A: Replacing siding is definitely not a DIY project. Besides which, you will save money in the long run by allowing a professional to get the job done right. If it’s not done correctly it can be redone at no cost to you, because their work is usually insured.

Q: Are there different options and budget for siding material?

A: Yes, there are many options available to suit different home styles and budgets. There is an endless selection including cedar, colonial, smooth, vertical, horizontal, shingles and many more. To find one that suits your needs and the longevity of your home consult the experts for advice. 

Q: What is the difference between fiber cement siding and vinyl siding?

A: Vinyl siding is more vulnerable to the weather and expands and contracts due to the buildup of moisture. At first inspection it seems a good choice because it is less expensive but if fiber cement is maintained correctly it has a greater life span. It is manufactured from fiber cement to ensure resistance against the weather, as well as wood-boring insects, birds and whatever else would try to set up home inside. Fiber cement is more natural looking, imitating real wood.

Points to consider

Vinyl Siding:

  • More energy efficient
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Costs less
  • Easier to clean

Fiber Cement Siding

  • More eco friendly
  • More durable
  • More fire resistant
  • Longer lasting

We always recommend that you first identify the siding problem and then decide if your siding really needs replacing or can it be repaired. The next step, if you decide to replace, is to ask a contractor to establish what caused the problem. Contact your insurance company if you suspect the problems are weather related.

Finally, call Asset Roofing and let us help you select the right color and style for your home and give you the confidence to make informed decisions about having your siding repaired or replaced.