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Hanging tips for Holiday Outdoor Lighting

Hanging holiday outdoor lights? Here are a few handy tips from Asset Roofing!

The start of the holiday season is signified by the hanging up of lights both inside and outside your house. Always an exciting time of the year but be careful of damage to your roof. Here are some tips so you don’t have to stress about possible roof repair when hanging your lights this season.

Gather your Supplies

To be sure your lights are not damaged or have burnt out bulbs you should turn them on for an hour or so prior to hanging them. Once the lights are already on the roof it is much harder to replace any bulbs.

You will also need extra supplies such as roof light clips, outdoor extension cords, tape to secure the cords to the ground. Don’t forget to wear sturdy shoes for climbing the ladder.

Do not walk on your roof

Avoid walking on your roof as this can result in damage to the roof and even physical damage to yourself if you slip. If you want to maximize the lifespan of your roof rather try hanging the lights using a ladder. If you do happen to make a hole in your roof call a professional such as Asset Roofing as soon as possible for help.

Fasten the lights to your gutters or eaves

If possible, it is best to attach your lights to the gutters or to the eaves of your home using light clips if you can. It is not a terrible idea to attach the lights to your shingles but be cautious to avoid potentially causing roof damage.


  • Remember, test your lights before you hang them up. You don’t want to find that some of them are not working after they are already up.
  • Clip the lights in the same direction, either up or down, when hanging them.
  • You don’t want to leave your lights burning all night so set a timer to come on and go off when you want them to.

Don’t let your holiday cheer be spoiled by a damaged roof. Asset Roofing can assist with all your roofing needs so give us a call.