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Cleaning and Maintaining Gutters

Cleaning and maintaining gutters is an important seasonal task to keep your house in good shape.
Cleaning and maintaining gutters is an important seasonal task to keep your house in good shape.

One of those jobs that we all want to put off because we don’t enjoy doing it, is cleaning and maintaining the gutters. We are all aware that our gutters should be maintained and kept clean, but perhaps we don’t know why, or exactly how. You may just be encouraged to deal with that task sooner rather than later if you realize the damage that can arise when gutters are left cluttered and in bad condition. Here’s a few tips to assist you in getting it done quicker than previously.

Why Clean and Maintain Gutters?

Problem 1: Leaky Roof

Your gutters and downspout are purposed to drain rain and snow off your roof and back down to the ground. When they’re full of leaves, branches and other debris, the water or ice back up and remains on the roof instead. This could result in shingles and under layers becoming rotten and which could later prove very expensive. 

Problem 2: Pests

A blocked gutter can also turn into a refuge for unwanted pests. Messy gutters and down spouts attract bees, carpenter ants and mosquitoes and if that is not enough, mold love to grow where leaves and needles are rotting. All these problems find a way into your home and will eventually cost you time and money to get rid of them. 

Problem 3: Walls and Foundations

Water dripping down the side of your house from broken or leaking overfull gutters instead of the downspout, can erode your walls and foundations and wash away the soil. Another problem is, the weight of all the debris which can cause your gutters to pull away from the house, letting water damage the trim and siding.

How to Clean and Maintain Gutters

Cleaning of your gutters about once every four months is recommended, especially when seeds and leaves fall from the trees in the spring and autumn. According to the experts, you can reduce the cleaning time to every 1-3 years just by installing gutter covers or screens. 

“Safety first” is the most important tip for cleaning your gutters. Make sure your ladder is in good condition and that you place it on a firm, level position in your yard or driveway. The last thing anyone would want is to end up at the doctor, for what should be a simple weekend job. Place a piece of wood under the legs for stability if the ground is soft and rest the ladder against the house and not the gutters. This is to prevent the gutters from coming loose. For safety and in case of problems, always make sure you have someone with you.

You can either hand-clean them with gloves and a trash bag or invest in specially made tongs. Once all the debris is removed rinse out the gutter with a high-pressure hose and give it a scrub.

After the gutters are clean, check and mark any holes and leaks that you may see when spraying with the hose. Also check for any damage to the shingles and where the gutters are attached to the roof.

Call Asset Roofing in Snohomish if you find any leaks or damaged shingles and we will provide you with a free quotation to repair the damage. Or if you’d like us to do all the dirty work for you, we also offer gutter maintenance services. Contact us today to see how we can help. We serve all of Snohomish County, as well as Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, and more.