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Which is the Best Season to Replace Your Roof?

Spring, summer, fall or winter… What’s the best season for roof replacement?
Spring, summer, fall or winter… What’s the best season for roof replacement?

Anyone in need of a roof replacement is probably wondering which is the best season to have it replaced. Could it be in the middle of summer’s long warm days? How about winter when contractors don’t have a backup of projects? Let’s look at the seasons and learn which one is the best for replacing your roof.


Winter is generally not the best season to have your roof replaced, even though it is the slowest season for the majority of contractors. Replacing a roof during the winter can be an extremely difficult task, particularly in snowy climates. The cold winters in Snohomish County, and throughout the Seattle area can certainly qualify as “snowy.”

There are a few reasons why it’s best not to consider winter for a roof replacement. Firstly, snow, ice and sleet make it difficult to install the new roofing material. Even if there isn’t snow and ice in the way, it is difficult for the sealants to set properly due to the freezing temperatures. Though it is not impossible to replace a roof in winter, winter is best left for emergency repairs.

Spring and Early Summer

If you need to replace your roof, spring and early summer are generally good options.  Usually the weather is warmer, allowing the adhesives to easily seal. Besides, roughly from May to September is the contractors’ busiest season, so by booking your appointment early in Spring you may be able to have your work completed quickly. Be sure not to wait too long, as the temperatures can warm up significantly by the end of the summer, slowing down the installation, resulting in a longer project.


The fall will always be the best season for roof replacement. It’s easier to schedule your roofing work, as the contractors’ busy season is normally over, and they will be able to complete the work quicker. Besides, the Fall temperatures are mild enough to not have to worry about the adhesives being able to seal the shingles. Shingle roofs in particular, are heavily dependent on the weather for a smooth installation process, and the perfect weather for that to happen is provided by autumn.

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