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Ask Your Siding Contractor These 5 Questions

Repair? Replace? Materials? Insurance? So many questions about home exterior siding! Asset Roofing has the answers.
Repair? Replace? Materials? Insurance? So many questions about home exterior siding! Asset Roofing has the answers.

Siding installation is not an easy job and you really have to choose the right siding contractor if you want it done correctly. There are many options to consider and with a bit of luck you will find the right one, however it will take a bit of hard work.

To help you separate the excellent ones from the not so good, we have put together some questions you need to ask.

1. How long have you been in business?

A simple question that will tell you a lot about your prospective siding contractor. Asking about their business background will help you to determine if you are dealing with an experienced and reputable company.  This question can lead up to other questions, such as “What is the physical address of your business?” and “Can you show me some testimonials of satisfied customers?”

2. Do You Use Sub-Contractors?

Ask if the company has their own staff to do the work, or will they use sub-contractors to do the job, and who will be responsible for the project. It is not necessarily a bad thing to use subcontractors, but you certainly should know beforehand.

3. What Is Your Procedure for Handling Customer Complaints?

Asking this question doesn’t mean you are expecting to have a complaint but knowing the correct method for handling grievances in the future is useful. Anyway, this is another way of assessing the company, particularly if they have no reliable way of handling complaints.

4. Do You Have Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance?

Making sure the company has all the necessary licenses, insurance certificates, permits, and all other necessary paperwork, is due diligence on your part, and will ensure that the job goes smoothly.

5. What Warranties Do You Offer?

Finally, knowing about warranties and how they are handled is important. Having this information beforehand will give you a good idea about choosing a siding contractor.

We know how important it is to our customers to provide good quality work, so give us a call at Asset Roofing and ask us these questions today. We serve homes all around the Snohomish, WA area, and we’re ready to help you.