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5 of the Worst Things You Can Do to Your Roof

Keep your roof in good shape by taking care of these 5 things.
Keep your roof in good shape by taking care of these 5 things.

Although the seasons take a toll on our homes, summer seems to be the harshest season. Yes, even our mild Washington summers here in Snohomish County. Here we have listed a few dos and don’ts to help minimize the risk of damage to your roof this summer.

Pressure Hoses

If you see a lot of mold or moss on your roof, you may immediately think of washing it off with a pressure cleaner. The problem is that you can do more damage than good unless you know exactly the best way to pressure clean a roof. The intense stream of water can remove some of the roof protectant. Check the manufacturer recommended cleaning method.

If you are not sure of the best way to clean the roof, give Asset Roofing a call. We will gladly come out and provide advice on maintaining your roof.


Not only do bushes and trees around the home drop branches, leaves and debris in the gutters, they give forest fires a springboard to your home. You should keep a cleared area around your home to prevent any issues arising.

Gutters and Drains

Storm water is carried away from your roof by the gutters and drains to prevent it seeping into your home. Cutting back your trees is a good start, but you need to also ensure you gutters and drains are free of debris to allow them to drain away stormwater quickly and efficiently.

Checking for Leaks

Although checking and changing roof tiles or shingles may seem to be a simple, easy job, you could create unintentional damage and more leaks than you had before. This is because some roofing material can be difficult to put back in place. The best thing to do is to call a professional like Asset Roofing and have the job done safely without any further damage.

DIY Solar Panels and Satellite Dishes

It is always best to leave these types of installations to the professionals. A licensed technician may be required for some of these items and besides you can void the warranty on the product, cause roof damage and possibly cause your home insurance to be cancelled.

If you are unsure of the maintenance needed, or your roof is damaged this season, contact Asset Roofing today for a regular roof check up and avoid costly mistakes.